Jozsef Alor; Born Oct 2nd 1980 - an American designer born in Hollywood, FL with a strong Hungarian and Peruvian cultural background, bringing both ready to wear and fantasy styles together in an elegant collaboration to fashion through his designs.

He would come to be one of the few initial creators and ambassadors to come from South Florida.

Jozsef Alor's inspiration was first attended as a child through his fascination of comic books characters. As a child, he wanted to convert his fictitious superhero clothes and costumes into reality.

This inspiration would bring this designer the urge to set a statement and difference in his life and those around him.

Jozsef Alor's primary inspiration and ultimate hero is his mother. A loving, caring and hardworking single woman who had the courage to strive and fight to give her two children the life they deserved. His mother mentored, inspired, taught, and supported him in every cause. Growing up, Jozsef Alor was never immediately able to fit in with those around him.

However, as he progressed into his adolescence he drove to set constant change in his life. His visceral drive allowed him to succeed and be unique among others with his retro, funky, and urban evolutionary stages. Jozsef has been able to mend together the bridges between opposite cultures, eras, times, and intertwine them with dreams and imagination. Honing his passion through his chaotic, extravagant, and extraordinary imagination in fashion, it will attract all urban, retro, funk, and conservative admirers alike - and like most he thrives and hungers to continue to learn and evolve.

Jozsef Alor Graduated With his Bachelors in Fashion Design in 2007 – where he then moved to NY to pursue his career in Fashion Design, where he some months living with a good friend of his at the time who supported his dreams and offered the hospitality as Jozsef continued to pursue his dreams. Jozsef took the first temp job available where he worked until he landed a great position as assistant designer. He Worked for this Private label company for about a year from 2008 – 2009, this great mentor – the owner of the company Russell Kemp whom took a chance and hired Jozsef.

Jozsef appreciated this amazing opportunity yet went through some trying and dark times during this period. Alas it came time to leave this position as it was no longer suited for either Jozsef or the Company and it was time to part ways, but not without reward as Jozsef learned a lot from his time spent working at Russell Kemp NY. However after this parting of ways Times grew darker and Jozsef got lost in the chaos of expectations, loneliness and the demands he placed on himself in a very unforgiving manor. Jozsef Alor then attempted to find a new position designing but when the downfall of the economy hit the fashion industry finally 95% of the agencies and companies said there was a hiring freeze. So while trying to wait patiently and on unemployment Jozsef fell into a great depression.

In 2011 Jozsef opted to leave NY for a while be with his family and hoped to clear his head and gain his footing again. At first moving to Texas seemed to Jozsef like the worst Choice he ever made – whereas the first 2.5 years were really rough. Jozsef worked for Wells Fargo doing phone banking for a short time then got into being executive assistant for an amazing Luxury cruise company which was a small business but did very well. These positions just were not filling the void and left him empty till he just couldn’t anymore and ever so quickly did the dark depression loom over him again.

His very close friend and whom is also a muse to him and occasionally Modeled for his Designs - Erin Marie offered some Sage advice and a rather simple and candid suggestion, that while being home why not design and make one design per month - this went on to bringing some light back into his inspired mind and leads us to now in 2014 selling nationwide as well as overseas such as the UK.

Jozsef Alor continues to evolve and grow designing beautiful pieces for many to enjoy today.